Only for Graduates & Post Graduates in Life Science, B.Sc, M.Sc, (All Streams), B.Pharm; M.Pharm, D.Pharm, MBBS, BHMS, BUMS, BAMS, B.Sc (Nursing), BDS, MDS.


Why Medical Coding is Your Dream Job ?

If you’re a Life Sciences Graduate who is looking for a high-earning, low-stress job, you are definitely the right fit for Medical Coding!

What is medical coding?

Medical coders translate medical reports from hospitals and clinics into a shortcode which is used in the healthcare industry. This helps to summarise lengthy reports into easily readable files. Medical coders are responsible for translating doctor’s reports into medical codes for a quicker and more efficient healthcare system. Medical coders also have to ensure consistency and accuracy of the information.

A set of codes is assigned to different medical procedures, which the healthcare industry - Hospitals, Insurance providers, clinics etc. can use to stay on the same page when dealing with a particular patient.

A Medical Coder has to learn and navigate three sets of codes: CPC, ICD & HCPS.

3 Simple Reasons why Medical Coding is a Dream Job:

1. Demand

The Covid-19 pandemic has made the healthcare industry one of the most challenged across the globe. In response the industry has grown by leaps and bounds. Highly developed countries like the U.S.A. outsource their backend processes like Medical Coding to developing countries to cut costs, and currently 80% of Medical Coding for the U.S. Healthcare system is handled by India. Due to this, there is an evergreen high demand for Medical Coding, and the job is proving to be a lucrative career for many budding life sciences students.

2. Pay

Medical coding is not a complex task, however it does require certifications from AACP, which is internationally recognized. The course is easy to complete and the certificate can be earned by any life sciences graduate or post graduate in India. It only takes 3 months to complete. Once done, a starter can earn anywhere in the range of 20,000 - 30,000 rupees per month!

3. Career Path

Medical coding is a field with enriching career opportunities. With experience and more certifications, Medical Coders have several higher pay levels to climb. They can become specialist coders, move up to delivery managers and eventually delivery heads or consultants, by marketing themselves well. Medical Coding jobs in higher roles can fetch anywhere in the range of 20-40 Lakhs per annum!


Medical coding is a booming industry in India, with a lifetime of assured career growth. It is also one of the easiest fields to get into. It requires no extra knowledge or training in computers or computer science, and the course is a breeze to finish within 3 months. Certification can fetch you a decent starting salary and set you up for life!